Bringing together clinical reports for ImPACT® and ImPACT Pediatric®,
patient records, and concussion education resources in ImPACT Passport®, a free iPhone or Android app.

Passport Application - Concussion


Patients track their symptoms by answering a series of short questions on their mobile. Healthcare providers can request symptom reports and get access to patients’ test data.

Clinical Decisions Impact Applications


ImPACT Passport grants healthcare providers immediate access to data, with no wait for transfers. Get a complete picture of a test taker’s test and symptom data in seconds.

Reduce Risk Impact Applications


ImPACT Passport stores a unique ID that enables quick and secure access to patients’ test results. Test takers can grant access to their test data directly to their healthcare provider.

Benefit from continuity of care with FDA-approved tools.


ImPACT Passport makes accessing test data, tracking symptoms, finding a concussion care provider, and using educational concussion resources convenient to everyone.

Test Takers:
Start recording your symptoms today!

  • 1 Find a local trained concussion care provider.
  • 2 Grant healthcare providers access to your concussion test results.
  • 3 Report your symptoms on a daily basis.

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